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David Knew His Weapons

David was a man's man. When he was barely a young man he pushed himself through the crowd of frightened warriors in order to walk out onto the battlefield and take on Goliath single handedly. David wasn't a warrior, he grew up guarding sheep with God's help. God gave him the courage to face down Goliath.

As a boy, David encountered lions and bears attacking his flock of sheep and with God by his side he didn't back down and protected it from harm. When faced with Goliath he didn't look first at the size of the enemy he first listened to what the enemy was saying about his God. The God that had proven Himself trustworthy and powerful. Immediately David grew tired of Goliath shooting off his mouth about the Almighty God. As David faced Goliath he declared in 1 Samuel 45 "You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord." verse 48 goes onto to say "As the Philistine moved closer to attack him, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him." David knew his weapons and how to use them. You do not run into the battle by yourself when you are afraid.

This story reminds me of a session I attended at a men's conference in Wiley, Texas last year. The speaker was Remi Adeleke who is an ex-Navy Seal and is currently an actor, author and strong advocate of Christ to men. Remi opened his talk by describing the parallel he sees between being a Seal and a warrior for Christ. He described that as a Seal you learn early on to know your enemy and to know your weapons. Clearly David learned to identify both at an early age. In doing so, it appears that David became so confident in his weapons and the Lord that size and overwhelming odds no longer mattered.

A few years ago my family attended my oldest son Ryan's graduation from flight training school for the air force. During the day of activities I had the opportunity to join Ryan in a flight using a flight simulator for the T1 Trainer, The T1 is a small twin engine jet used extensively for the initial flight training. What a challenging experience. Before starting I figured worst case I could look out the virtual front window and be able to keep the simulated aircraft in flight. Man was I wrong. Within minutes, after Ryan got us off the ground I was completely out of control without the ability to maintain a consistent altitude or any sense of stability. My visual idea was out the window as I was dependent on numerous critical gauges in order to maintain any control........hence I was out of control and going down quickly. With some basic instructions, Ryan was able to help me regain my composure and keep the craft in the air, but without him I was toast.

Reflecting back on David's life of guarding sheep I am confident David didn't just learn one day on his own how to face down a lion or bear that was threatening his flock. Instead he learned to trust his God given ability and the confidence he gained in the Lord so that he wasn't intimidated by the size of the enemy he faced. What I marvel about David is that he had gained such confidence in the lords ability to protect his flock against overwhelming odds because he simply knew the power of the god he served. He somehow learned to see past the size of the enemy he faced and put his trust in God. I find that much easier said than done. He also learned to become proficient with his weapon, even though it was only a handful of rocks and a sling, he knew how to use them with great accuracy. With hours and days on hand guarding the flock I suspect David flung a lot of rocks and eventually he became extremely dangerous with this simple weapon.

My brief time in the flight simulator obviously wasn’t enough time for me to get very dangerous in the cockpit. On the contrary, I was completely overwhelmed by the shear number of dials, switches and gauges that were required to keep me airborne. A year earlier, as my son started his training, I am sure he experienced the same sense of being overwhelmed but in time he learned to trust the gauges and his ability to fly the plane was no longer dependent upon what he could see out the window but it was now dependent upon his trust and confidence in the gauges and instruments of his plane. He became confident in the unseen technology of the equipment that kept him airborne.

The above analogy is so much like our christian walk as men. Why is it, we as men, want to be able to hop into the seat of the plane and fly literally by the seat of our pants?. God on the other hand wants us to learn to be dependent on Him and to trust Him when we are faced with challenges that appear larger than life. He wants us to become dependent on His gauges and controls (His weapons and His word) we use in order to remain in the battle and not spin spiritually out of control.

I can just imagine the first time David faced a lion with his bag of rocks and thought to himself "okay God I am going in so you better have my back on this one" only to find himself doing a victory dance over the dead lion moments later. I don't know about you but I would have been pretty "pumped" after that. Experiencing that several times as a teenager had to change how David viewed God and the authority that came with that relationship. David became fully confident that the God he served would not let him down no matter the size of his enemy. That is the God we serve.

The story of David encourages me. It demonstrates that at any age we can trust in God and that He has gifted us with weapons that require courage and application, but when applied, allow us to overcome any challenge we face. He wasn’t afraid to come out swinging if he was backed into a corner because he knew the weapons of the lord that were at his disposal. As men we need to come out swinging when the enemy comes against us, our wives and our families. We need to become familiar with the weapons we have in Christ to face down the Goliaths we encounter. Let David's life also be a lesson that the obstacles and enemies we face are not as big as they appear. If a shepherd boy with a bag of rocks can KO a 9’ tall mocking bastard like Goliath why can’t we do the same? We need to do as Remi suggested, stop and identify the enemies that oppose us and identify the weapons Christ has given us to overcome them.

2 Cor 10:3-5 "For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,"

Below is a brief video of a few people who clearly need to learn how to use their weapons..........I think we can do better than them:

More to come on the life of David soon and for those of you who may be interested Remi‘s first book titled "Transformed" was just released.

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